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‘INTO DARKNESS’ arrives! Trailer teases “…Epic and Apocalyptic!” new Star Trek film!

wpid-Photo-Dec-6-2012-906-AM.jpgA trailer for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness has just hit YouTube. Menacingly narrated by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch as the nemesis of the Enterprise crew. Likely, Cumberbatch will be playing Gary Mitchell, Kirk’s friend who turns on StarFleet and Kirk himself after acquiring near ‘God-like’ powers, although Khan, another baddy from Trek lore, could be in the mix as well. The trailer depicts a number of the Starfleet crew in distress along with the customary hype music. A longer version (complete with Japanese subtitles) ends with a nod to Wrath of Khan that might just be the worst spoiler to feature in an announcement trailer ever — or perhaps it’s just JJ Abrams toying with Star Trek fans by throwing them a valentine. Both videos are included below. For the revealing scene, watch the last :20 seconds of the Japanese version.International trailer:Japanese trailer:

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