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Happy Birthday, Genghis!

I am frustrated with mom. Not MY mom, mind you, but the word itself. You see, I understand that Mom, Ma, Mum, Mother are all commonly-used, affectionate nicknames for the female parent and yet, for some reason, I hardly ever use them (save the word ‘mama’). Instead, my years have been spent calling that person ‘Genghis’ & ‘Geeg’ as opposed to the simplistic, technical-sounding word ‘mother’ or ‘mom’.

I do get frustrated with the words mom, mother, and the like, because they have no layers, the reveal no depth of feeling or expression, and that’s something I need when I speak of, or to, that one particular person in my life. The one who is simply Georgia McMannes.

When I call Georgia McMannes ‘mom’, when others hear me say it, it’s irritating they equate that to nothing more than any other person addressing their mother…and therein lies my frustration. You see, this woman is not like any of your moms, your mothers, your mamas…she’s better than them, sweeter than them, kinder than them, smarter than them…and I, literally, could go on for days. In matter of fact, she’s a better woman than anyone who walks the planet today, and though it’s not been documented yet, it will be. I’m sure of it.

I mean, this woman is the world to me. My best friend. My heart. My encouragement. My advisor. My safety net. From childhood to manhood, she’s always been my ‘I will NEVER let this world hurt you’ and my ‘I would lay down my LIFE for you’. What’s even more rare is that she allows me to be the same to her, to be her best friend, advisor, her heart, and everything else.

I thank the Lord for my ‘mother’ and pray for her daily, though I understand that tears have no impact and my vocabulary has no real meaning. My prayers are answered because I know that the Spirit himself intercedes and hears the silent prayers of my heart and recognizes my ‘groans too deep for words’.

But how does one express these things to someone so very special in a normal way and still deliver at least a fragment of the intended impact? How do you tell someone what they mean to you to where they understand the root and the foundation of it? How do you transcend normal vocabulary and say something like, “THANK YOU FOR MY VERY LIFE!” I really don’t know…but I will try.

Mother, Mom, Mama…Genghis, Geeg – listen to me as I tell you this honestly, and from my heart: Long before I was ever born to the countless millennia that follow hereafter, somewhere, somehow…you will be with me, as nothing in this universe has the power to separate one of us from the other. We are interminable.

With that being said, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my beloved MOM! I love you, Genghis. 🙂



Road construction to improve Main Street – Monday, March 01, 2010

Road construction to improve Main Street

Monday, March 01, 2010

Commuters in downtown Humble have been grappling with traffic congestion as Main Street intersection renovations begin, and traffic is funneled down to one lane. Mayor Donnie McMannes provided an update on progress with the project designed to give historic downtown an Old-World charm.

“This project has been eight years in the making,” said McMannes. “I’m glad to see the progress taking place.”

The first of the downtown renovations is the intersection of Main Street and Avenue A. “We’ve been working on the intersection for two or three weeks,” said McMannes. “Most of the work at this point is rough work.”

McMannes said the old concrete has been removed. Concrete boxes that connect storm sewers and the new water lines have been installed and buried.

“All of the prep work had to be completed before we start work on the intersection’s design,” he said. “The old water lines are around 70 years old. They need to be replaced now, so we don’t develop a problem and have to tear everything up later.”

As a side note, the mayor said workers who were hollowing and leveling the intersection recently discovered more than 100 horseshoes and a rasp file that appear to have been in the ground under the street for a long time. He speculated that they may be from an old blacksmith shop in the area.

“We could get through the process of replacing the road a lot faster if we closed the intersection completely down, said McMannes, “but there are businesses there that need access to their property. We will work on one side of the street, then move to the other side. It may take a little longer, but it will be better for the businesses downtown.”

McMannes said the forecast for completion of the project is dependent on weather, but will involve at least another month’s work. When the project is finished, he said the city will have a fresh new look. New concrete will extend 30 to 40 feet from the intersection, which will be surfaced with red and gray pavers in a herringbone design. There will be a gray star in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by a red-brick design inside a gray-brick circle. The intersection will be modified to accommodate those with disabilities, which will include sloped sidewalks to accommodate wheelchairs and a pedestrian priority traffic button.

“The old suspended street lights will be replaced. A light pole with an arm will reach across with the new traffic lights on it, then the light post rises up to a turn of the century street light,” said McMannes.

The Mayor also said this project is the first of the downtown street renovations, but that it will not be the last. He said, however, that the Main Street and Avenue A intersection would be the most elaborate. Those that follow will be a little more modest, but still complement this first intersection.

Mayor McMannes & Congressman Ted Poe

A couple of pictures of my dad and Ted Poe at the ceremonial opening of the new courthouse in downtown Humble. The photo of the ribbon cutting includes (From L. to R) Councilman Merle Aaron, Allen Lee, Dad, Allan Steagall, Charles Curry, and Bill Conner. Also, City Manager, Darrell Boeske presents Rep. Poe with a handpainted picture of the courthouse.

Congressman Ted Poe is in his second term as the United States Representative for Southeast Texas’ 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Poe has a distinguished career of public service to the Lone Star state.

Congressman Poe first made a name for himself in Texas as a straight-talking, no-nonsense chief felony prosecutor. As an assistant district attorney for eight years, Poe tried hundreds of cases, even those seeking the death penalty, and never lost a jury trial. When Poe became a judge in 1981 he continued his dedication to justice and became one of the youngest judges in the State of Texas, serving as a Harris County felony court judge for 22 years.


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