Happy Birthday, Genghis!

I am frustrated with mom. Not MY mom, mind you, but the word itself. You see, I understand that Mom, Ma, Mum, Mother are all commonly-used, affectionate nicknames for the female parent and yet, for some reason, I hardly ever use them (save the word ‘mama’). Instead, my years have been spent calling that person ‘Genghis’ & ‘Geeg’ as opposed to the simplistic, technical-sounding word ‘mother’ or ‘mom’.

I do get frustrated with the words mom, mother, and the like, because they have no layers, the reveal no depth of feeling or expression, and that’s something I need when I speak of, or to, that one particular person in my life. The one who is simply Georgia McMannes.

When I call Georgia McMannes ‘mom’, when others hear me say it, it’s irritating they equate that to nothing more than any other person addressing their mother…and therein lies my frustration. You see, this woman is not like any of your moms, your mothers, your mamas…she’s better than them, sweeter than them, kinder than them, smarter than them…and I, literally, could go on for days. In matter of fact, she’s a better woman than anyone who walks the planet today, and though it’s not been documented yet, it will be. I’m sure of it.

I mean, this woman is the world to me. My best friend. My heart. My encouragement. My advisor. My safety net. From childhood to manhood, she’s always been my ‘I will NEVER let this world hurt you’ and my ‘I would lay down my LIFE for you’. What’s even more rare is that she allows me to be the same to her, to be her best friend, advisor, her heart, and everything else.

I thank the Lord for my ‘mother’ and pray for her daily, though I understand that tears have no impact and my vocabulary has no real meaning. My prayers are answered because I know that the Spirit himself intercedes and hears the silent prayers of my heart and recognizes my ‘groans too deep for words’.

But how does one express these things to someone so very special in a normal way and still deliver at least a fragment of the intended impact? How do you tell someone what they mean to you to where they understand the root and the foundation of it? How do you transcend normal vocabulary and say something like, “THANK YOU FOR MY VERY LIFE!” I really don’t know…but I will try.

Mother, Mom, Mama…Genghis, Geeg – listen to me as I tell you this honestly, and from my heart: Long before I was ever born to the countless millennia that follow hereafter, somewhere, somehow…you will be with me, as nothing in this universe has the power to separate one of us from the other. We are interminable.

With that being said, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my beloved MOM! I love you, Genghis. 🙂


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  1. Georgia McMannes

    There is absolutely nothing I can say, except you ARE my heart.
    I love you.
    Genghis, Geeg, Mom, mother, mama

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