Fox thriller anti hero Jack Bauer’s Parting Shots

ENTERTAINMENT – Fox thriller anti hero Jack Bauer’s Parting Shots.

Fox producer Howard Gordon had said a few weeks back that the viewer’s of thriller 24 should not have any expectation of a happy ending for its anti hero Jack Bauer. This is the same character that has seen colleagues and loved ones die around him, torturing the leads out of the suspects.For Jack, it was always at the cost of his own peace.
President Allison is disgraced for participating in a cover up and on the verge of resigning. While the program gained popularity, the political position lost its weight.
In the first two months of the show, it got its first President in the first President in season two. In times of crisis he was always ready, he was firm but not a pugilist and had natural leadership skills.When attempts were made to usurp his power, he was strong as ever. He had natural leadership skills and charisma.
Attempts were made to overthrow him and usurp his authority but he returned to power and forgave them all. Haydbert said in a recent interview that people on the road came up to him and said that they wanted the real president to be like him.
In the third season he was still in principled but he got involved in shady deals and that was a big hit for the President.  For a majority of season four John Keeler was in office but didn’t get much of a chance from the audience. This resulted in Charles Logan to graduate to the Oval Office.
Palmer was killed by an assassin, part of a grand conspiracy that could be traced back to President Logan himself.  The President was exposed and was forced to resign. He was replaced by Palmer’s younger brother Wayne.
24 returned after a long break due to writer’s strike and it returned with Taylor as the President.
She followed the most recent advise from one of her male friends.
The fall of the President was rooted in 24’s philosophy of raising the stakes every season. Bauer has been the rogue agent who has fought off his superiors when they lacked a fight for right cause. One of the terrorist plots unleashed each season. Despite al the heroics the writers had to give Bauer’s oppressors higher ranks and more authority. The show had sprung from the mind of the co creator Joel Surnow a vocal conservative who has been viewed as a dramatic delivery system.
Haybert has said on multiple occasions that he had taken part credit for getting America comfortable with the idea of a black president.  Given the current political climate the risk of the Tea Party, the sign off of the president could be seen as a repeat of the fact that presidents will let the people of the country down.
Also the high of electing an African American black president is a temptation in itself. Whether Jack Bauer lives, dies, or falls off the grid is ultimately of little consequence, but how people view their president has a colossal effect on how we feel about our country and our place in it

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