Why So Serious?

Well, the reviews are in and the label has been set: Epic. The new Batman movie-The Dark Knight begins at midnight tonight, most likely showing on 47 screens PER theater for the next few months. The new release has been called ‘chilling,’ ‘dark,’ ‘not for kids,’ and ‘mysterious and brooding.’ Even The History Channel got in on the action but from a different perspective: they aired a serious documentary which featured top writers and psychologists all of whom ‘psycho-analyzed’ the Batman and the Joker and the symbiotic relationship that has existed between these two characters throughout the years. If there was never a Joker, there couldn’t be a Batman.

Right vs. Wrong, the individual vs. society, action vs. reaction, the Joker vs. Batman. I wonder, could there be a ‘two-faced’ reason for me to go see “The Dark Knight?” Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of ‘The Batman.’ Maybe it’s his dark side, his moody temperment, his time spent in solitary, figuring things out or maybe because he teeters back and forth on what’s right and wrong, or at least what he perceives to be right and wrong. I’ve always wanted to be Superman but methinks there’s no escaping the Batman DNA.

Anyway, I’m considering seeing the midnight showing tonight just for fun. I mean, it is summer and I don’t really HAVE to get up tomorrow morning.  It’s really supposed to be great!

“Christopher Nolan and his collaborators have delivered an elegant, urgent epic that doesn’t just extend the franchise, but deepens it into a film noir morality tale. Even as it upholds ideals of law and order it shrewdly questions the queasy morality of vigilantism, the mob mentality of a society facing terrorist anarchy, and the fine line between idealism and madness.” Me loves the way that sounds – idealism and madness? Hmm…you mean there IS a difference?

Here’s to, what I hope is, a helluva movie and another medium, another installment, another something that validates that deep pocket in the soul: the dark mood.



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