Jackson loan deal sparks Vegas show rumors!

Rumours about a possible Michael Jackson Las Vegas spectacular have hit fever pitch after revelations the loan on the pop superstar’s Neverland Ranch home has been bought by a Vegas mogul.

Jackson prevented a foreclosure sale on his sprawling Santa Barbara ranch earlier this month when New York-based private equity group Colony Capital agreed to take over his debt on the property.

However, Michael Politz, the editor of website TheVegasEye.com, suggests there may be more to the deal than meets the eye, after revealing Colony Capital’s founder, Tom Barrack Jr., also owns the Las Vegas Hilton hotel.

Vegas insider Politz said: “Connect the dots… An affiliate of the company that owns the Hilton agreed to hold the $23.5m (€15m) loan it acquired from Fortress Investment Group while it negotiates payment terms (with Jackson).

“And Jackson confirmed he is in discussions with Colony and its founder, Tom Barrack Jr., with regard to the ranch and other matters. I wonder what they’re negotiating about. Could it be a show?

“Are we correct in saying that Michael Jackson will sing and dance in the showroom of his former father-in-law, Elvis Presley?”

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  1. Why did it happen to Michael Jackson again? King of Pop Disappoints Prince of Bahrain

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