Mayor McMannes and hospital honors local hero!

Martha Martinez, blue scrubs, was honored at work for her heroic actions when she pulled a man out of a burning vehicle and saved his life. Martinez is a surgical technician at Memorial Hermann Northeast. Off duty at 5 a.m. April 6, the first thing Martha Martinez wanted to do was go home and go back to sleep. Instead, she saved a man’s life. As Martinez, a surgical technician at Memorial Hermann Northeast, was driving home from work, she saw a car on fire on Aldine Bender.
“I was on my way home and I thought it was too dark to take the Hardy Toll Road, but something told me to go that route anyway,” she said.
While driving, Martinez noticed black smoke but thought it was someone burning trash. It wasn’t until she was on Aldine Bender that she realized a car was on fire.
“I called 911 and made a U-turn into the Napa Auto Parts parking lot and walked towards the car,” Martinez said. “I honestly didn’t think anyone was in the vehicle.”

As she opened the door, she noticed the victim was unconscious with his head laying on the steering wheel. She instinctively grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him out of the car to safety. Once she pulled him away, the car ignited into a full blaze.
Noticing that his sleeve was still smoking, she took off her scrub top and proceeded to pat his sleeve to put out the fire. She grabbed a bottle of water from her car and poured it on his face and turned him on his side.

According to the paramedics who arrived on the scene, her quick actions saved the man’s life.
Now known as a modern-day heroine, Martinez was honored for her brave actions by Memorial Hermann Northeast CEO Louis Smith, city of Humble Mayor Donnie McMannes, Partners in Caring and her co-workers.
“The city of Humble commends her for her heroic life-saving act and recognizes her service to our community as she performs her work at Memorial Hermann Northeast each day,” McMannes read in a proclamation, declaring April 21 as Martha Martinez Day.

Martinez has been a surgical technician for Memorial Hermann Northeast for two years. She and her husband of five years, Bruce, live in the Houston area.
“If something like this happens again, I feel that I would do what it took to save that person. That is how I was raised,” she said. “I would hope that if something ever happened to me that someone would stop and render aide like I did for him.”
The victim was taken to LBJ Hospital. There is no word on his identity or condition.


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