**NEW** Kip Winger CD & Winger Live DVD!

Finally, my Winger fix…..

First off, let me say that I’m a huge WINGER fan but this guy is freaking wonderful as an artist! Plus, his outlook on life, spiritualism, and love and death are just right on from my POV. Basically, when he releases a new CD, I get it…THAT DAY! He’s THAT good!

Track 1 – “Every Story Told”

Look, I like RATT, Dokken, Poison, etc…but NONE, ZERO, ZIP were as talented musically as the band Winger. Now, if you’ve never heard Kip’s solo stuff, you’re seriously missing some of the best stuff around: very metaphysical and musical–faith based with preaching–a soul & spiritual type of dynamic but still being able to blow your doors off like flipping a switch.

The reunited WINGER and the release of the CD, ‘Winger-IV’ of course made my day. Whe I saw they had released a DVD of ‘WINGER LIVE’ it upped the excitement even more.

I say this because I LOVE well done music. (George Michael’s latest CD ‘Patience’ is a perfect example of a fantastically well written and produced CD by arguably one of the greatest writers around. ) But now, on top of everything, I read that ‘The Making of Winger IV’ DVD is coming out as well as a new solo CD from Kip. Listen to some tracks from his previous CD’s – they are simply OUTSTANDING!

Click each to hear tracks:

I go…Right round imposing my creation
Mass produce it for you
Everything looks brand new
Put it all on credit
A hundred years to pay it
Force you to agree
While your smiling at me
I go…Right round pushing out the riff raff
No matter where it came from
Never mind the wisdom
Only see it my way
Take it or the highway
Welcome to the land of Generica…



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