Humble’s newest addition is officially welcomed!

Humble’s Municipal Court is one highlight for 2008

Humble’s new Municipal Courthouse has already seen numerous cases since it opened last month, but the City made it official Friday as citizens came out to tour the building and celebrate the opening.

Mayor Donald McMannes cuts the ribbon on the new
Humble Municipal Courthouse. Photo by Roxanne White

The new courthouse took years of idea-pitching, a couple of months of building and just several hours to present it to the public. Judge Vic Pecorino who has been the court’s judge since 1982, said it was “a blessing” to have everything under one roof.
“We have two flat-screen televisions. So, if you come here because of a red-light camera, you are going to see yourself run that red light,” said Pecorino.

He added that the courthouse will make people feel more at ease rather than before, when the courthouse was located above the Humble Police Department.
“This will give the people more fairness in their eyes,” said Pecorino. “Now, we won’t have people standing side-by-side; we have enough room, we have a courthouse.”

Congressman Ted Poe was also in attendance and he presented two proclamations: one to Pecorino for being an “outstanding Harley Davidson” judge, and another to Mayor Donald McMannes for all of his contributions to justice.


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