BABY – The Final Update

My dear little one lost her fight yesterday, Friday the 15th, 2008. It was without a doubt one of the saddest days of my life. She tried so very hard at the end; she wanted so badly to stay with us but the pull of Heaven was just too strong. Most likely, my precious Roxy was the ‘Éminence grise’, standing at the forefront, ‘barking’ directions to everyone involved to “PULL” Baby to them. Roxy wins…just as she always did, just as she always does! She’s Roxy.

And now they’re back together: Roxy and Baby–just as it was meant to be, I guess.

Baby was ready and she wasn’t scared. In the end, she lay there, resting and quiet, excited about seeing her ‘sister’ again. The doctor looked at me and asked if I was ready. I said yes. I held Baby’s head in my hands and we looked deep into each other’s eyes, just staring and remembering all the wonderful times that we had together: chasing after frisbees in the Buffalo Bayou, strutting like gangsters around our neighborhood, laying together and watching tv, and just walking and looking and inhaling life all around us.
I held her head and smiled at her. She needed me there and I was. She wanted me to hold her and I did. She was ready for the end and I was with her—-Babycakes.

As I gripped her paw and slowly massaged her ear, my precious little girl’s soul faded away. She left to go home to Roxy. Her eyes were on – – her eyes were off. I was there until the final second.

She left us ….and I was watching.

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