BABY ***update***

Well, it was scheduled for today!


However, there was a change in plans.

After ‘visiting’ with Baby the last couple of days, my instincts have been flashing – Not Right; not now! Maybe in a week – but not now. She’s not ready yet. Roxy’s death has been the worst day of my life thus far but I ‘knew’ she was ready and that it needed it to happen. With Baby, it’s different; she’s got more of a ‘There’s a little something still in here. There’s a little left…’ awareness!

Look, she’s been my girl for 13 years; she wants that last shot, she’s damn well gonna get it. I’m going to take her in and have some blood work done and look at some options. The arthritis medicine is a certainty, as will be basic Tagamet for her stomach. Today, she was alert and could walk some and even ate something. This could be the ‘jolt’ before the end, I understand that. I also realize that she may have to go down next week…

…but she ain’t goin’ down today!

She said, “No” and her family was listening!

Pray for her…

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