An action movie that’s not politically correct? Not PG-13? One that blows everything up and kills everything that moves? The bad guys lose? The good guys win? Wow – it’s definitely not a movie for the Democrats. Perhaps Rambo should try and talk his way through these feellings and maybe negotiate a way to bring them back without anyone being offended?

Screw it – say what you want about Bush but it is what it is: There has NOT been another terrorist attack since 9/11…period. Why? Because, right or wrong, they believe…they BELIEVE that Bush just may actually bomb ’em! Amazing what a deterrant will do – the fear of retribution or punishment. Of course, parents today have no idea about that – they let their kids get fat, do what they want, maintain no discipline, and never spend anytime with them. Try making them fear you a little and then maybe they’ll actually do what you say…assuming you give a damn and can put the freaking beer down for 5 minutes!

Here’s to Ronald Reagan – the 1980’s – Rambo – and an old time Republican-type action movie that just blows S#iT up!!


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  1. God, what a crock.

    The Bush Admin carried out the 9/11 attacks (proven beyond reasonable doubt).

    • And which jail is he in again? HAHA! What a joke you wackos are. Lemme guess—the ‘Aliens’ made him do it? HAHA!! Thanks for the laugh!

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