Mr. 3000

Make that 3,002. Biggio goes 5-for-6.
Everyone on the team, including those in the bullpen, stormed the field to congratulate Biggio. His wife Patty, sons Conor and Cavan, and daughter Quinn also joined in the celebration. His sons were in the dugout acting as bat boys. He kissed his wife and held his 7-year-old daughter in the air. He went to the dugout and hugged everyone while the crowd continued to go wild. And then the time came – Craig Biggio had one person he absolutely positively had to share this moment with.


Biggio pulled Jeff Bagwell out of the dugout and dragged him onto the infield where they stood arm and arm. Biggio and Bagwell played together for 15 seasons before Bagwell retired in December.

They stood there, hugging and smiling, waving, soaking in the moment together, just as they’d done so many times before. One final time, there they were – the greatest players this franchise has ever known. The Killer B’s! Biggio and Bagwell. Between the lines, on the field, adored by fans…

One last time.

Biggio got three singles in three at-bats, the last one a line drive to right-center in the bottom of the seventh inning. The 3,000-hit club got its 27th member Thursday night at 9:12 p.m. He would get five hits in all, the second-five hit game of his career. Biggio attempted to hustle it into a double and was thrown out for the third of the inning. Never mind that. The celebration began. His family joined him. His wife wept. Twenty seasons-2,781 games-10,648 at-bats. All of it will be defined by the next one. Flash bulbs popping with every pitch.

Fans stand through every turn at bat. Craig Biggio has earned all the adulation he gets.
He got standing ovations when he came to bat in the first, third and fifth innings. With one out in the third, he lined a single to left-center for No. 2,998. He got No. 2,999 in the fifth when Garrett Atkins threw wildly to first. Correct call by the official scorer.

His 3,000th hit arrived one day before the 19th anniversary of Biggio’s first big-league hit — June 29, 1988, a single off Orel Hershiser that began a sure Hall of Fame career during which he’s played in seven All-Star Games, six postseasons and one World Series. He is the only player in major league history to have at least 600 doubles (658), 250 home runs (286), 3,000 hits and 400 stolen bases (413).


“I couldn’t have scripted it any better,” Biggio said. “There are a lot of things that have happened over the past 20 years but tonight is the best.”

Biggio Photo Gallery through the years!
Biggio Stats Gallery through his career!!


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