Almost 3 years now…

My friend Sarah is a wonderful poet. She writes beautiful lyrics – just gorgeous. I was thinking of Rox and decided maybe I could write her something. I decided to give it a go. Lil’ Rox…the devastation never truly leaves. (Click pic – Roxy’s video)

‘Thunder away, my Love’
by Mike McMannes (With Epilogue)

She gazes into the who knows where, searching.
Pleased with life’s allowances – content with her place at the table.
Her voice howls delivering unintended softness.
Slowly, both drift away… the thunder submits.
She has won the day yet again.

So she lay.

She stares through the illusion of…
She smiles at the once was …
She clings to the might be, dreams of the yet still…

The dealer’s stare has begun. Play the cards, RO.
Odds sink as hope gets cast aside.

She knows. She knows.

Wide, uncertain eyes find their purpose – her love, her boy, her man, her soul.
Bravely…. She gazes again into the who knows where, searching.
Surveying without concern…

She knows.
She loves him.

Somewhere, a clock twists backwards. A bark, a resounding salute to youth.
The past and future fade.
She settles and finds his gaze for the last time.
A love just as the day they began.

He knows.
He so loves her.
And she, content with still being at the table…touching.
As minutes flee, seconds approach.

The dealer stares. Play the cards, RO.
Stand firm-stand pat; played all along was the hand she’d been dealt.
But it was his hand that was always for her.

“It’s ok, my boy – it’s ok.”
His desperate NO screams at the fading.
The pulse of their heart, a paw’s grip embedded.
The dealer breaks.
The Thunder saddens and bows his head.

She was.


Somewhere, she was laughing and jumping.
But in the somewhere, there was that certain some -one- she needed.
That someone was there – so something started.
She went chasing!
Somehow, she found him.

Hey. You’re his brother?
Yeah – – yeah, I am…
The smile. The eyes. The waggle.
…Well, hello Roxy!




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  1. What a beautiful girl…I know how you feel. I have lost pets before and all have meant the world to me. It is truly devestating. I have two monsters now….Mars is a weiner dog and Butter is a beautiful, sweet Pit Bull.

    Looking forward to reading more….and may I ask if I can add your blog link to my blog?


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