Humble’s future bright, Mayor says!

Humble Mayor Donnie McMannes told Rotarians the city has a bright financial future.
McMannes, who won re-election on May 12, said the city’s property tax rates are much lower than surrounding cities, and only Houston and Pasadena have better sales tax revenues.
The city collected about $10.7 million in sales tax last year and this year’s revenues are already up by about $500,000, McMannes said. “People are in our office continually wanting to be in Humble,” he said.

Although developers ask about creating new residential subdivisions in Humble, they also want the city to approve municipal utility districts within the city. These proposals have not met with approval from City Council, McMannes said.
Perk for senior citizensSenior citizens are in an especially good situation in Humble, the mayor said, because once they reach age 65 they pay a reduced rate for water and sewer service. Humble is working on $30 million in capital improvement projects that includes a new municipal court building, street and road improvements and sewer plant improvements, said McMannes.
The new municipal court building is essential because of the overcrowding in the existing court facility on the second floor of the police department building, he said. The city’s inspection and permit divisions will move into one of the existing buildings adjacent to the new court facility.
“We’re doing all this without raising our taxes,” McMannes said.

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