Sadly – the End of Klein Intermediate!

May 24th was our last day of school. I took some pics with the kids…

It’s weird – you find that you really do miss them all! Some of the kids are ones I’ve had in the past that come back just to say, “Hey Mr. McMannes. We miss you!”

…that’s when it starts to get a little ‘dusty’….if ya know what I’m sayin!

I told the kids that I’m going to another school next year so get this – a teacher friend, Sarah May, organized a going away party at Starbucks near our school. She was there when I arrived. Then some of the kids, parents, and teachers showed up. There was coffee, a huge cake, and well, more coffee. Sarah, along with a bunch of kids, went around the school and had a bunch of other kids write me letters, cards, and stories telling me how I made them feel and how much they were going to miss me. It was one of the most special things anyone has ever done for me. For Sarah and these kids to do all that and feel that way, it was very emotional.

AND THEN…another teacher showed up. She was there to perform a task. As soon as she started, I said, “WAIT!” I had them turn off the speakers in Starbucks because Hope Luster, who’s a GREAT gospel singer, sat me down in a chair and had everyone gather around and sang to me. “Unforgettable” and “The Very Thought of You”
Are you freaking kidding me?

Tough day, ya know? But it’s one I’ll never forget!

Anyway, here are a few pics of ‘the kiddos!” πŸ™‚

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