Sexual assault/ child abuse put on alert in Humble,Tx.

Mayor McMannes supports North Harris County Criminal Justice Association.

Humble Mayor Donnie McMannes aided in raising the issues of child abuse and sexual assault. From left: Domingo Villarreal, North Harris County Criminal Justice Association; Pam Dickson, Family Time Foundation; and McMannes.


A Spring woman suffering from Münchhausen Syndrome makes her own children sick to gain attention for herself; a Kingwood boy riding his bicycle home from school is approached by a stranger who asks the kid to help look for his puppy; an Humble woman goes out on a seemingly harmless date with a guy she’s interested in and is forced to submit to intercourse afterward – it is impossible to escape the headlines that report incidents of sexual assault and child abuse on what seems like a continual basis.

Such acts are inconceivable to the average person and one may wonder, “Who can do such terrible things?” The sad truth is, however, that offenses like sexual assault and child abuse know no social boundaries, they don’t discriminate between rich and poor, nor do they distinguish between black and white. Those crimes can potentially victimize everyone and anyone and affect any and all communities. And most frighteningly, this includes our own backyard as well.

Joining a nationwide campaign, Humble Mayor Donnie McMannes proclaimed April “Child Abuse Awareness Month” as well as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month” during the recent meeting of the North Harris County Criminal Justice Association on April 2.

“I believe that it is important to make citizens aware of those issues,” said McMannes. “It’s a terrible thing to hurt a child or a woman and the abusers out there need to know that we’re paying attention.”


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  1. From: Leonor Perez

    Hello, I do not know if you can help me but please let me know. This man was actually arrested and let go ( I believe he is an illegal immigrant) and I am not sure if they even know where he is. The state attorney’s office is not just sent me a letter last week letting me know that they will not prosecute. I called them and they said is due to her age , that in a year when this goes to court that she will most likely have forgotten this event , thereby they would not have a “credible witness”. My daughter will be 3 in September and she is gifted , she can speak like a 4 year old. When they did the CPT interview with the psychologist the detective failed to show up on time and did not get to ask all the questions he wanted to – he himself told me that. This happened because he missed 20 minutes of the interview. He did not really want to pursue this to begin with, due to my daughter’s age. She was fondled and therefore they did not get a slam dunk positive case, he however signed the affidavit for the arrest. They have until August 11th to pursue this. Can I get an extension on that? What else can I do? She has visited a psychologist twice. My baby told a daycare teacher (5 days after the incident) that “tavo” as he is called, touched her in her private area and that it “hurt”, can this be used as evidence? He is the youth drama director at his church.

    Please help. I am at the end and I love my baby and God knows that I do not want to cause any more harm to her, especially with the public information in the news but I want to bring some justice to this horrible situation. I want her to know that she was a brave little girl and that mommy tried her best to help her.

    Are there any organizations that can help me do just that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Leonor Perez

    Media story 1: (Unlicensed Daycare Shut Down)

    Media story 2:
    (Woman Claims Daughter Molested at Daycare)
    please help us. please. I am willing to give an interview and have someone sit with my daughter and ask her the questions that need to be asked and addressed. i want justice for her. Please help us, thank you.

  2. This blog represents our forum’s voice to pursue and to bring to the public’s attention all people/organizations/firms that have advertently / inadvertently supported child abuse directly or indirectly. We request everybody concerned to come forth and assist our initiative to expose offenders.

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