Look out – – Jacko’s almost Backo!

Michael Jackson To Return To Music

King of Pop, Michael Jackson will attempt to piece together his tattered reputation by enlisting the help of 50 Cent. Billboard reports the duo will record a song, likely to appear on a mixtape by DJ Whoo Kidd of G-Unit.

50 Cent’s representatives have not denied his involvement, although said nothing has been confirmed yet. Rumours have also been circulating about Jacko collaborating with Senegalese rapper Akon on his upcoming album. Akon simply said “That’s all up in the air right now, I can’t really talk about it.”

It would be the first time Jackson has released new material since 2001’s ‘Invincible’ album, which didn’t quite give him the boost back to superstardom it was supposed to.

There is expected to be a new album coming up for Jackson, released through his new Two Seas Records – a joint venture with his Bahraini friend Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa. Stay tuned for more details as they come to hand.


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  1. Why did it happen to Michael Jackson again… and again Kind of Pop Disappoints the Prince of Bahrain

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