Boney James comes to Houston

Often criticized by jazz purists for his smooth, R&B-influenced vibes, Boney James keeps right on going, producing one hit album after another. Finally being in charge has empowered James to follow his muse wherever it led – something he could never do completely, until now. As a result, SHINE – his new CD is a reflection of the more freewheeling approach he takes in his concerts.

Whether working with singers or world-class musicians, James emerges as an impresario equipped to manage every element of the creative process – from concept to final mix.

Last night, Boney brought this personable style to the Verizon Theater here in Houston, TX. Overall, he produced a very well done concert. His band members played quite well in support, with the keyboardist coming to the forefront by showing his great range and infectious smile during the duets. The guitarist, who celebrated his 26th birthday this night, was also impressive skill-wise. However, more animation could’ve been brought to his on-stage persona. The same can also be said of the bassist – VERY talented but could use a little more in the ‘Ooomph’ department. At one point, James left the stage and came into the audience.

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this part of the concert, as evidenced by the number people who voluntarily danced away as Boney passed by. James also shows a great awareness during his act. Whether it be overacting or true silliness, James gives his best Fonzie impersonation after holding his audience-inspired long notes. He wants to be cool, and at times, he is…even though sometimes his ‘look’ to the audience inspires laughter. But again, I believe this to be who he is and to be a part of his ‘shtick.’

Our seats for the evening were located on the second row, or should I say second table from the stage. They were fantastic seats – a real plus when viewing such a concert. If you’re going to see a concert in an arena that feels so quaint, it’s always best to get the better tickets. They’ll always be worth the investment.

Boney James came and delivered and everyone truly seemed to enjoy it. Overall, it was a great night and a very good performance. Ray and I enjoyed it quite a bit…








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