Seasons of Life – The new CD from janita – –

First off, let me say that I’m a big jazz fan. There’s also something to be said for any music that comes across with a ‘sexy’ feel to it. Well, after listening to this CD and knowing it pretty much inside and out, I’d say sexy is a pretty good descriptive. ‘Seasons of Life’ is Janita’s 6th CD but, I believe, her 2nd in the states. It’s a fantastically well-written and well constructed CD. She should start getting some good push from her new reps and that should allow for her to entrench herself into the jazz/soul charts. Once people get a listen to this CD, they’ll understand.

(From She moved to New York at age 18 and was signed by Sony Records. Sony had trouble figuring how to market her lone album for that label, 1998’s Janita, in the US — Was she Jazz? Was she Soul? Was she Adult Contemporary? Unfortunately, the result was that the disc never found its audience in America. Janita recorded again in 2001, independently releasing I’ll Be Fine to generally positive reviews and to a small but growing international audience for her brand of smooth, jazz-infused vocal music. Compared by some to India, Arie or Jill Scott, her music was much more reminiscent of talented smooth jazz artists such as Basia or Everything But the Girl. I’ll Be Fine also showed her growing talent as a songwriter. ‘Seasons’ takes things a step farther. ‘Too Late’, ‘I Miss You’ are two of the great tracks on the CD. However, there is the one track that gets ya. To me, that single is – ‘That’s How Life Goes.’ For a quick listen, click here. ‘THAT’S HOW LIFE GOES’ It gives you a real good look into the CD, where it’s coming from and where it’s heading. Trancy – I like it!

BTW – I’ll Be Fine is one of the better CDs that I’ve ever put into my player. It’s that good – as is ‘Seasons.’ Maybe we all find our style of music or maybe we just really support the person who represents it. From our conversations on email to the lyrics in the songs to the eyes on the cover
– either way, she’s something to behold…and she’s coming…

…patience. (

Some reviews of Janita and her work –








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  1. I love that sexy and unique artist. She´s under-rated 😦
    Email her – sheΒ΄ll answer!

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