Well, let’s start off by saying this – every single published Superman Returns Review so far has been glowing. There are a few sites out there that are saying the old, “From what we hear….” Blah, blah, blah. The facts are there…for now. Superman opens on Tuesday night. I will be there on Tuesday night. I will have seen the movie on Wednesday morning.

For the time being, here are some of the Amazing Superman Returns Reviews:

Dark Horizons has just added themselves the massively positive reviews being given about Superman Returns. Here’s what they had to say:
“Superman is back and the wait for his return is finally over. Was it worth it? Absolutely and in every respect. This is a monumental classic of the genre, a true successor to the Richard Donner classic of the original. This time, audiences will once again believe a man can fly. Director Bryan Singer has crafted a visual tour-de-force, a movie that succeeds in balancing eye popping 21st century visuals, with the heart and soul of a story-driven epic.
Brandon Routh is the perfect successor to Chris Reeve, and shows us a character that has both strength and vulnerability, while Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane is beautifully realised. Spacey is pure genus as Lex Luthor and Frank Langella is a wonderful Perry White. This is one Superman for the ages, a soaring, wondrous adventure that will leave audiences breathless, and a truly breathtaking ride of a movie.
In this crowded summer season, the return of the Man of Steel is the perfect summer movie for the child in all of us, and once we hear that classic John Williams score, one is reminded that movies like these are a rarity. Forget the hype, and enjoy the return of one of the most extraordinary comic book characters ever created”.Yes! Yes! Yes!

Are our expectations too high? We’ll know on Wednesday morning…

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