Bananarama – Oh, the DRAMA!!

Nearly 20 years after their last hit, Bananarama – the former trio now down to duo Sara Dullin and Keren Woodward – release their comeback CD. With “Drama”, they successfully update their Hi-NRG dance sound for the mid-2000s club scene, with shades of electro, post-disco and house thrown into the mix.

For those who have waited – – surprise surprise, the patience has paid off, because if you’re one of the people who have actually heard Drama, you realize that this is really a great pop CD. Thoroughly modern pop, complete with their standard catchy and breathless vocals, flirtations with the minor key and more hooks than a Vegas hotel bar makes this a comeback to be proud of. Stand out tracks include , Look on the Floor, Waterfall, and (Take a listen – courtesy of Thrillproductions) “Don’t Step on My Groove!” – reminiscent of many an original Bananarama hit – and the trancy Feel For You. Speaking of trance, that’s actually a great way to describe the overall feel of the CD.

Highlights for fans will also be the Marc Almond Hi NRG BAD ASS Remix of their 1986 hit, Venus.

Overall, this CD has come out of nowhere. Not a lot of people expected much but a great deal has been delivered. Much like, George Michael’s – Patience, this CD just keeps bringing it….Whether or not the girls took lead in the production part of the album, they took lead in writing this material. This album represents a great revival for Bananarama. If you are looking for some good listening music, it is definitely worth the money. If you are a Bananarama fan, you should already have it!

Check it out.


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