New Addition to the family?

I’ve recently had a new addition to the family. With much fervor and after great deliberation, I announce the new member…

…and her name is?

Sonoma Creek Pinot Noir Sonoma County 2000
Sonoma Creek Pinot Noir Sonoma County 2000 [bottle]

Gold Medal (Best of Class)
Jerry Mead’s 2004 New World Wine Competition

Barrel-aging: 10-11 months in French oakProduction: –>
Winemaker: Steve Millier

Winemaker’s Notes: Pinot Noir grapes selected from vineyards in Kenwood and Sangiacomos in Carneros comprise 85% of this blend. Carneros is ideal for the noble Pinot Noir grapes with its coastal climate. The ripened grapes were handpicked and allowed to ferment naturally.

Tasting Notes:
The flavours are bold black cherry that highlight a rich, smokey and toasty wine that melts into a lingering spice and chocolate finish.

I haven’t opened it yet but will soon enough. Of course, if I’m waiting for that special girl to come along this 2000 bottle may not be opened until my grandkids get thirsty… the year 2057. Geez! This bottle comes highly recommended by a friend of mine in Houston. He’s been right so far so I’m guessing he strikes gold again.


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