Back on "BOARD!!"

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Have been real busy with school and such, working out, Spring Break, etc…

Anyway, I’m back..literally. I’m back from Spring Break. Earlier in my blog (June 2005), I posted about my vacation in the western USA. I went and visited Scot in California and we went drove back to Texas in a red convertable Mustang – events based on SIDEWAYS primarily. Well, not too sure what prompted this vacation other than Scott moved to Denver and it was Spring Break. He moved out to Denver in Sept. of 05. We had discussed skiing and such before New Years but it was mainly in jest and just talk. However, when we all met up at Colin’s house for New Year’s Eve, we started talking about going on a trip. Well, Garner sounded real enthusiastic. However, you know how it is when people start having a few drinks – plans never work out that way…but this time something stuck. We actually kept talking about it.

Then Scott and I started talking about getting his brother Grant to go. Grant is a really good skier but something inside me said to go and try snowboarding. Scott and I agreed that we’d try snowboarding and then Garner came on board as well even though he’s a skier. So basically, we all decided to go snowboarding. Thanks to Garner’s forethought, we actually scheduled our plane trip in late January. It was literally a day before the prices SHOT through the roof for Spring Break getaways. Nice Job G-GRO – Steelers suck! I uhh…..

With all that said, Scott decided that since he lived there, “Screw it! I’m buying all my equipment!” His board looks really nice. And like all other events leading up to this, his purchase started a chain reaction which I, OF COURSE, would NOT participate in. I mean, why would I need a freaking snowboard? Well, Garner checked on the prices of renting snowboards. Since we would be up there for a week, it was actually the same price for him to just BUY his own board, bindings, and boots. His board looks really cool too!

Ok – well now my mind starts wandering but I’m not going to buy a snowboard. The next day, I looked up a place to take lessons in Houston – yes, in Houston (Sun & Ski Sports). I took lessons bardered with Houston Rocket tickets – Johnson was practicing in Denver – and Garner was already familiar with skiing and such.

Well, the guy who was my instructor said he just got a new board and that he’d sell me his old board, boots, and bindings. It was a perfect fit and it was only $200 for everything. So, YES – I bought a freaking board!!

After that, we booked the hotel, rented a HUMMER SUV, and went snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado. It was freaking AWESOME and I literally think about it almost every day. I can’t wait to get back up there. Admittedly, seven days is a long time to snowboard. Plus, it snowed everyday but I loved that. How could I not? I had never seen snow until this trip – it was certainly white and cold. Now, I keep my board in my apt where I can see it everyday. Hopefully, at the end of the year, I can get back up there again. It was truly an UNREAL time and it gets more memorable and fantastic the more I reflect on it.

Anyway, here are the pics from the trip. There are a few video clips as well. I’ll make a video montage set to music but with TAKS coming up, I just don’t have time right now. Take a look!


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  1. digitalbrownshirt

    Colorado is the only place I’ve ever visited on vacation that I knew I’d have to visit again. That place is beautiful.

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