TEXANS hire Kubiak as coach!

Gary Kubiak has been hired and is now set to take over the Houston Texans. Kubiak will now help decide what to do with the first pick in the draft. Now, that may not seem like much to those of you who are not from Houston or from Texas, for that matter, but it is a HUGE deal here in the Bayou City. Everyone sees Vince Young as our savior. However, most of the people are Longhorn fans, or those people who include the comments, “…and I’m not even a Longhorn fan!” YEAH! They are – trust me! The fact of the matter is this – Mr. Kubiak will be the one who decides who’s #1…but it better be Reggie BUSH!!

Texans owner Bob McNair said during a Sunday news conference that the hiring won’t be completed until later in the week because the Texans could not negotiate a contract with Kubiak until the Broncos were eliminated from the playoffs. McNair’s announcement came about an hour after Denver lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game.

“Hopefully we’ll have him down here by the middle of the week and he will then be assembling a staff,” McNair said.

McNair said he plans to speak with Kubiak later today. This will be Kubiak’s first head coaching job. He spent the last 11 years with Mike Shanahan in Denver, helping the team to back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1998 and 1999.

“To lose him is going to be tough,” Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer said. “He really helped me step up in my career. We’ll miss him but at the same time you’re excited for him. He deserves it and he’s a great football coach.”

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