The CHRONIC-what?-CLES OF NARNIA (Streaming video)

Here’s Streaming Video of the December 17th episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ featured a ‘Digital Short’ called “Lazy Sunday’ with Chris Parnell & Andy Samberg. Basically, this is skit is a rap music video about going to see The Chronicles of Narnia. After watching it, you can see that the rap is not about Narnia at all. Another site said it best, “If this were old SNL, they would’ve just made some cracks about about the movie!” In this case, though, Samberg and Parnell just seemed to write a song about what they did last Sunday, with the chorus “We love the Chronic (What?) …cles of Narnia”…It’s funny. I laugh every time!
Click below to watch the video!

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  1. digitalbrownshirt

    I didn’t know SNL still did funny stuff. Check out this song. Pretty sure it’s the same guys. Gangsta rapping about reading novels that make you cry, redecorating and drinking herbal tea. The end is really funny.

    the heist

    NSFW because of the language.

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