Another Bush in Texas??

If the Houston Texans continue to lose out, which looks to be the case, there’s a good chance that the most exciting player in college football in the last 20 years or so could become a Houston Texan! It’s difficult to see the team lose so terribly week-in and week-out but it could be the best thing for the health of the franchise. He IS the best overall prospect in the draft. Reggie Bush has unbelievable agility and the God-given ability to simply make defenders miss with his athletic cuts and elusive running style. He is a playmaker – a triple threat: running back, wide receiver, and return man.

He is an explosive player that will draw a great deal of attention from defenses and still find ways to gain yards. Bush has a nose for the end zone and carries a great work ethic from his coaches. He won’t back down from the limelight and seems to shine brighter when the situation gets tougher. If Reggie Bush becomes a Houston Texan – the ascent begins!

In other news, Dan Reeves was brought in yesterday to be a ‘consultant’ and to begin evaluating the team, the coaches, and the management. It’s a foregone conclusion that Dom Capers will be fired at the end of the season. The bigger question is whether or not Charlie Casserly will be. In my opinion, it’s Casserly that is most at fault in this whole debacle of a season. Granted, Dom is too conservative, to restricted and lacks the discipline to see what needs to be done. However, it’s Charlie Casserly who has made the moves that have hurt this franchise and it’s future:

Hollings for a #2 – he doesn’t play
Babin for 4 top picks – he rarely plays
Buchanon for a #2, #3 pick – COMPLETE BUST – can’t tackle & can’t cover!
Seth Wand was a #3 – doesn’t play
Charles Hill was a #2 – no longer plays
Todd Wade was EXTREMELY overpaid – he’s a bust
Morlon Greenwood was EXTREMELY overpaid – he’s a bust

The future of the Houston Texans is just starting. Bob McNair, being the Christian that he is, could do worse than to pray for a Superbowl!!


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  1. digitalbrownshirt

    Little known sports trivia, Bush attended Helix High School in La Mesa, CA (a San Diego suburb). It’s the same school that produced Greg Lougainis, famous diver and stuff.

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