Tonight was the Christmas parade in downtown Humble. My dad, being the newly appointed Mayor, got to ride in a convertible down Main St. I went and rode with mom and dad and I must say this – it was pretty neat. Watching outside as little boys and girls yell, “Hey Mr. Mayor!” and “THERE’S THE MAYOR!!”. It was just weird and cool all at the same time. I took some photos, which I’ll post here but video really would’ve been the topper!

Well, every parade needs a Grand Marshall. So, dad got Joel Osteen to come back to Humble. Joel is senior pastor to the 30,000 members of Lakewood Church, the largest church in America. The church moved into the newly renovated 18,000-seat worship complex at Houston’s Compaq Center (My old stomping grounds with the Rockets) earlier this year.

I got to meet and talk with Joel for a while. We got along real well and he’s certainly a nice guy. I think he really enjoyed being back in Humble and doing this. Everybody seemed to like him alot as well.

He does a great job of attracting people to the Lord through his ministry. I’m not saying that I totally agree with everything he says, in fact, there are probably some areas where we just DIS-agree. However, I’m of the mindset that what he does, he does with the Lord in mind and in heart. But, we’ll see what the future holds.

The future of Humble tonight was in the hands of the Mayor…and he showed me and mom a fun time!!

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