To a Great Season!

Well, things didn’t exactly turn out the way we had ultimately hoped for but it was a GREAT ride nonetheless. As I’ve told countless people, it was truly great just to get there. Think about it, everyone always wants to get to the World Series. The operative word here is get. For some reason, ‘winning’ the World Series is not so much the choice of words. Excuse? Maybe a little. However, I really believe it when I say that for ‘this’ franchise, a franchise that had never won a playoff series in its history until last year, it was great to just get there. Winning would’ve been so sweet, granted. However, I just think it would not have been as climatic as hearing the phrase, “THE HOUSTON ASTROS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!” Maybe that’s just me.

There is no shame in losing to a greta team like the White Sox. I mean, they were a great team. Their pitching was first rate, their sticks could just kill it, and they got some great breaks…some of which they made for themselves. Realistically, every game could’ve gone the other way. Of all the World Series games ever played, this series was decided by a TOTAL of 6 runs – the record for all time/ If you figure that that the record HAS to be 4, then 6 is pretty good!

Anyway, we had a decent showing in the series but we had a helluva run getting there. Not since the 1914 Boston Braves had a team EVER come from 15 games under .500 and made the playoffs..until the 2005 Houston Astros.

Yes, the World Series loss ended the Astros’ 2005 season on a down note, but Friday’s fan-rally here in Houston reminded us all that the Astros were still the champions of the National League for the first time in Houston history.

“We could not have done this without you,” Purpura said to the crowd. “You stayed with us in April and May. You stayed with us in June, July and August. You’re here with us now.
“Thank you for the support. Thank you, Houston.”

Added McLane: “We came this close to a world championship. We’ll be the world champions. Just give us one more year.” To which, I reply…..


Great season – great team – great players – great ride.

See ya in 2006…bet on it!

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  1. digitalbrownshirt

    At least they made it to the Series, my Padres got knocked out in the play-offs.

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