Here we go, Houston!

Everyone down here is real excited. We’ve never been involved in a World Series before and to have Clemens, Pettitte, Bagwell, and Biggio all in it – it seems surreal. Don’t really know much about the ‘SOX other than they have great pitching, great hitting, solid bullpen, good manager, and were generally regarded as the best team in baseball. However, we’ve been making a living beating teams like that. It starts later tonight so this will be updated then. Anyway, we’re ‘gettin’ our young’uns’ started real early for the Astros. Here’s my friend Marc’s two kids – are they fans?

Look at the grip that kid has on the bat!! I know that he couldn’t have gotten it from his dad, his dad has no athletic skills and is completely without coordination!! (Sorry, Marc!! Just teasin’!)

Again, NO ONE THINKS WE CAN DO IT!! All the national press has said this series goes to the Whitesox in 6. No one thinks of Houston like that. They always overlook us…

…that’s just the way I like it!

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