MY NEW SEX TOY?? I uhh…meant….

I won’t lie – I wasn’t a supporter of the IPOD. I thought that there were much better options out there. However, in the back of my scheming little mind – I wanted one! Now, whoaaaah Nelly, here comes the Video Ipod. Now this is something that I’ll use. I mean, I’m a teacher for goodness sakes. You think I want to be educating our kids all day? Gosh no! But seriously, let’s say we’re in lab, or doing warmups, or doing our silent reading or I’m just working out or waiting for anything…you think I won’t check out ‘LOST’ or ‘BOSTON LEGAL?’ I will! It decodes MPEG4 and H.264. Being in productions all my adult life, my AVID and/or Premiere will export to it just fine. If anyone thinks that ABC’s shows will be only what plays, they’re nuts. That’s like saying MP3’s don’t play in the IPOD. Waaaah! They have to be from Itunes – yeah, right!!
Anyway, I’m in. I’m getting the 60GB and I’m downloading everything to it. I’m actually excited about a product. Who da thunkit?
I know that there will be other models quickly for better prices but this just looks cool. Am I so shallow? Yeah, pretty much! (Tell me something that my friends haven’t told me in 34 years!)
Anyway, there are some pics here of the new VIDEO IPOD!

Hopefully, it comes out bugless and ready for consumption. It has a 320X240 screen and it’s widescreen. So actually, it’s probably 352X240. Maybe a misprint and Steve Jobs is waiting to give me a free one for noticing the wrong specs? Is there anything else to ramble about here? Not really. I’ll post pics as soon as one arrives!!

Steve Jobs shows off the IPOD that he’s giving to DRAMA!!

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