Think JAWS 4. Remember how it seemed that the shark was after someone in particular – like it had some type of consciousness? Well, maybe Rita is looking for some dude from New Orleans that was evacuated to H-TOWN after her sister Katrina couldn’t find him. I mean, she’s coming like a freakin’ freight train, this chick!

Already, more than 1 million people have scuried to get out of town.
Hurricane Rita, the now Category 5 hurricane, grew more turbulent today and has become the third most intense storm in history, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday night.

As of 7pm tonight, Rita packed maximum sustained winds of 165 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. I honestly didn’t think it would make it here but it looks as if she’s coming right for us..and she’s pissed, it seems!

As many as 1.3 million other people were ordered to clear out along the Gulf Coast today, particularly in New Orleans and Galveston. To avoid any repeats of the toll Hurricane Katrina took on those who didn’t evacuate when that storm hit just over three weeks ago, mandatory evacuations for Galveston went into effect at 6pm tonight!

Katrina’s winds reached 145 mph when it reached land and you thought she was pissed off? A storm this big has never hit Galveston, Texas.

It’s like Alicia, back in 1983, had a couple of kids that are looking to pick up where their mom left off! Alicia was tough but her girls are tougher. Katrina pulverized the Gulf with a body shot and now Rita’s looking to knock somone out…her target? Texas!

Of course, Texas don’t go down so easy…know what’m sayin’ pardner?


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