In the Minority??? Maybe Not!

There is no doubt what happened in New Orleans is a bad thing. I mean, some people have lost everything that they have. This was truly a terrible disaster. However, after reading and hearing about everything that’s happening in New Orleans, does anyone ever ask WHY? Why are these people destroying everything that they have? Why are they raping people in broad daylight? Why are they looting and destroying everything that will help bring this town back? Why? Because honestly? Those people that are down there are animals – pure and simple.

First off – it’s a disgusting town and city, IMHO. It’s dirty, nasty, smells of urine and feces during the summer and is argubly the most sinful city in the world. There are very few redeeming qualities about New Orleans. Please, I’m a JAZZ lover! Don’t use jazz as your argument!

I think alot of people’s viewpoints regarding inner-city blacks and whites are founded because of things like this. I’m not lumping everyone into this category but it’s truthful. Why does no one mention education, crime, family values, morals, ethics, etc…when they see a group of black people AND white people destroying their entire environment around them. It’s not only evil, it’s pure stupidity.

Why can we not talk about what kind of city that New Orleans is? Why can’t we say that the inner city black folk AND white folk have no direction and have no incentive to do anything but destroy everything around them in animalistic style in situations like this? Instead of rallying to encourage, support, redeem, uplift, and rebuild – the inner city people of New Orleans (And I won’t say a race here because it’ll be turned into something other than dialogue) destroy everything they come in contact with as if a demon has been set loose inside them. Destroy, rape, pillage, and consume everything at all times despite the circumstances. Raping a child next to a dead body is just inconceivable.

Here’s New Orleans – right here! Take a quick look…..

And, in the midst of all this, when we should be doing everything we can, what is it that hits the airwaves? JESSIE FREAKING JACKSON!!

Jackson was en route to Louisiana for what he said was a humanitarian effort. However, he had time to open his mouth…which is usually a bad thing. He said racial injustice and indifference to black suffering was at the root of the disaster response. Seriously?

“In this same city of New Orleans where slave ships landed (Good Lord, the slave card?? AGAIN?????),” Jackson said, “where the legacy of 246 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow discrimination, that legacy is unbroken today.”

Black members of Congress today also denounced the slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina. One black baseball player the other day said, “See, the problem is that white people don’t see color!!” THAT’S THE PROBLEM??? The way I see it…HONESTLY, is that my first instinct is to help, do what I can, check on my friends and family, keep up to date, etc…however, when I’m told that my President and Govt. are not responding fast enough because it’s all black people down there – well, that pisses me off!!

Anyway, I teach in a minority-based school – mostly blacks. I coach the black kids. I teach the black kids. I email the black kids, I make fun of the black kids. I tease the black kids. I’m friends with most of the parents of those black kids. I stay after school with black kids. I champion causes for these black kids and their education. I work with them after school on their athletics – these black kids. I yell at these black kids! I send black kids to the office and hope they get in trouble when they’ve been bad. I gives bonus points to black kids. I support and uplift black kids. I wear the same clothes as black kids. I talk almost the same way as black kids. I grew playing ball with virtually nothing but black kids. I donated money to help black kids but then Jesse Jackson comes out and says that I’m not doing enough or I’m not doing it fast enough because they’re not white kids, they’re black kids, well…..that eats me up inside. If he could get the guts to say that to my face………………………….I’d have 200 friends of mine tell him where to go!!

Oh Yeah… they would just happen to be black kids!

Here’s a great blog site for this disaster –

Here’s a LIVE STREAMING VIDEO look into New Orleans RIGHT NOW!


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  1. digitalbrownshirt

    Jesse Jackson jokes right themselves. The guy is a parody of what he once wanted to be. Nothing will ever be enough, not as long as there’s still some corporation out there willing to get shaken down by him.

    Thanks for coming by my blog earlier.

    BTW, did all of the anonymous comment spam get by the word verification?

  2. digitalbrownshirt

    Dang, I can’t believe I mispelled “write”, especially on a teacher’s blog. Irony of ironies.

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