ME and the HALL O’FAMER!!!

Steve Young and Joe Montana become teammates again today, albeit it was the Pro Football Hall of Fame as opposed to their controversial coexistence on the 49ers.
Five years after Montana was enshrined here, Young will do what seems only natural by now, and that’s follow in Montana’s footsteps. I loved Montana – my favorite football player of all time but Steve is a class individual. I had the good luck of getting to spend some time with Steve during the Superbowl here in Houston. He was an extremely gracious person and his wife was as sweet as could be…not to mention absolutely STUNNING! One thing I think of when I reflect back to those days was Steve was indeed a gentleman but, let’s not forget – he was one of the BEST QB’s to ever play!

He was a two-time MVP with the 49ers. Young finished his career with 33,124 yards passing while throwing for 232 touchdowns.
A scrambling quarterback, Young began his career in the now defunct USFL before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
In 1987 he moved to San Francisco as the backup for the legendary Joe Montana and finished his career in 1999 as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing efficiency.
A seven-time Pro Bowl selection, Young won six NFL passing titles but was not afraid to run with the ball, scoring 43 touchdowns.
“I can taste the pride that I felt to be able to put on a 49er jersey and represent the great city of San Francisco,” Young told the crowd.
“We did not think we were going to win. We knew there was no alternative.”

Gotta love it – great player…great person!


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