Well, I’m finally out of my old house in Houston. It seems kind of weird, depressing to some degree to be leaving the old place. It’s weird – it was an older house, had very few redeeming qualities other than location, had no space, was very small, did have GREAT rent but it was raised by $250 dollars and offered virtually nothing other than location – HOWEVER, I did like that old place. Lots of great memories were made there…some would probably be better not mentioned.

Anyway, this new place, as you can see above, is reeeeally nice. It’s big, it has a pool, pool table, workout room, close to the beltway, mom and dad are nearby, friends live close, it’s EXPENSIVE but it’s real cool. But…….there was just something special about that old place. Oh well, here’s some pics of the new…

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  1. looks like photos of the model and clubhouse. where are the photos of YOUR apartment?

  2. Well, I had just moved in and elected NOT to take a picture of the bare floor and wall. Call it creative license…

    anonymouse sucks – use your name…. 😦

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