WORLDVISION? Absolutely!

I recently started a monthly sponsorship through Worldvision. For quite some time I’ve been looking for an organization that I could trust and who I felt offered the best chance to ‘make a difference.’ After thoroughly researching the net, Worldvision came to the forefront. They provided an in-depth look at many children around the world as well as their current situations. It was extremely easy to get started and has been very rewarding. It’s odd how a letter from a little 10 year old girl can just light up your day. Here’s a picture of the girl I’m sponsoring – her name is Tatiana and she lives in Columbia.

She’s written me a letter telling about her current living situation and how her mother ‘scuffles’ for money for their family. She’s goes about as in-depth as most 10 year-old kids can – very honest insight but very fleeting with a tendency to move on to the next topic! πŸ™‚

Anyway, if anyone has ever thought of sponsoring a child or a family, WORLDVISION is an excellent choice and is a Christian organization, a must-have for my donations, to be quite honest. I can tell you this, it has been rewarding and very fulfilling to know that you’re actually helping someone whom you may never meet but who knows who you are and appears very grateful for what you’re doing. To think of a family in South America possibly talking about their American sponsor just seems pretty neat to me. When the letters come in, it confirms ‘the neatness!!’


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  1. This is so cool! I sponsor a child as well through Children International. It is such a great feeling.

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