Just saw the new War of the Worlds movie and I have to say…it was AWESOME!! It was a true huge, loud, blow-em up, Alien invasion, epic type pop movie. I have to say that it was right there with Independence Day. The graphics were amazing and the sound was incredible, plus, Tom Cruise’s my boy so I had to go see it. However, instead of me writing a review, I’m going to quote a review that I feel was accurate.

“With War of the Worlds [Spielberg] has made what is arguably one of the best 1950s science fiction films ever. Steven Spielberg may actually have done his job in “War of the Worlds” better than he realizes. By showing us how fragile our world is, how imperiled we might well be from without and within, he raises almost against his will a most provocative question: Is the ultimate fantasy an invasion from outer space, or is it the survival of the human race?”
— Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES

(Read the entire review here – REVIEW )

For more reviews of this film, or any film or DVD for that matter, click above!


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