Well, there IS bias here and my dad WON his mayoral bid! We were all down at the courthouse handing out little fliers and cards and such to people we didn’t know. Of course, my mom and dad knew practically everyone there. He won convincingly. The margin was something like 585 to 100 or something like that. It was a great day for friends of the family as well. Merle Aaron Sr., who we’ve known all of our lives and whose son, Merle Jr. is one of my oldest friends, won his bid for City Council by a substantial margin. Reluctant to run at first, Merle really embraced it and won handily over his opponent. Also, Bill Conner, another lifelong family friend, also won his attempt at gaining a City Council bid.
Overall, it was a great day. I shot tons of footage of the event. His actual swearing in will be Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 6:30PM. He will then wield the gavel and will officially become the Mayor of Humble, TX. The Mayor of an entire city – it’s still pretty awesome, I think. I’m extremely proud. As I’ve said before, I’ll say it again – there is no man I know that has more integrity than he. He’s honest to a fault, he never places himself in a position that may be construed as inappropriate, his character is untouchable, and his integrity in unwavering. He will not say something and do something different, he will not lead you to believe something that’s false, and he will always be honest with you. His faith is unbreakable and his love for his family is immovable. He’s as great a man as I’ve ever known. He has a chance to be the greatest Mayor that this growing town has ever seen!

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